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Here are some great blogs/sites for research on the Chinese internet and media.

Sinocism & DigiCha – Great all-around China news digest maintained by Bill Bishop (@niubi)

China Digital Times Frequently updated news source about China issues maintained by UC-Berkeley journalism program.

China Media Project – Great analysis and commentary on Chinese media by a group of researchers from Hong Kong University, led by David Bandurski (@cmphku)

EastSouthWestNorth – Good digest of Chinese media, social, and cultural information by Roland Song.

Danwei – Good thematic blog about Chinese Internet, media, and social issues (@danwei)

Shanghaiist – Shanghai news, arts & events

Tea Leaf Nation – E-magazine maintained by a group of China watchers (@tealeafnation)

China Law Blog – China law and business. Lively discussion of Chinese socioeconomic issues.

China Hearsay – China law, business, and economics commentary maintained by Stan Abrams (@chinahearsay)

Rectified Name – A few China watchers’ group blog



Digital China, From Philly – UPenn Communication & Sociology professor Dr. Guobin Yang’s blog

CoolKnowledge – Translated works by China media researcher Hu Yong (@huyong)



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