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I am an Associate Professor of Communication Studies, an affiliate faculty member of International Studies and an affiliate researcher at the Center for Advanced Research in the Humanities, Complex Systems Institute of UNC Charlotte. I’m also an Affiliate Researcher at the Center for Global Communication Studies (CGCS), University of Pennsylvania.

This is a blog about the Chinese Internet, media, and policy, where I deposit thoughts that don’t fit Twitter’s bite-size musings. To learn more about my work, you can access my papers, Twitter page, and SlideShare page.


After a brief stint in news (Beijing TV and CCTV) and film industries (Kill Bill I) in China, I came to the United States to pursue my Doctoral degree. Since 2007, I have been conducting research on Chinese Internet technologies, politics, and policies. My work is theoretical, empirical, and policy-oriented. Various research institutions have invited her to present her work, funded her research or collaborated with her on research projects, including

– Social Science Research Council (SSRC)
– Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)
– National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR)
– Fairbank Center, Harvard University
– Programme in Comparative Media Law & Policy, University of Oxford
– Center for the Study of Contemporary China, University of Pennsylvania
– International Reporting Project (IRP)
– SAIS, Johns Hopkins University
– French Institute of International Relations (Ifri)
– Chinese University of Hong Kong
– Lund University (Sweden)
– Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam Polytechnic, The Netherlands
– UNCC (TweetChina, Big Data, $15,000, PI)

Highly interdisciplinary, my work blends new media studies, political communication, international communication, legal studies, and information science. I do research on

  • Digital technologies (e.g. search engines and microblogging in China)
  • Chinese Internet policies
  • Social activism and
  • Digital diplomacy

More specifically, I have written about Internet sovereignty, authoritarian deliberation, regime legitimacy, Internet events, state capitalism, and search engines (Google, Baidu, and Jike in China). Not only does my research examine government policy and civic use of the Internet, it also covers Internet business practices and digital technologies in a global setting. I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses in global media, globalization, mass media, communication technology & society, social networks, and research methods.


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